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Personal Injury and Disability Claims

Whether you were hurt in a car accident (motor vehicle accident), at work, in a slip/trip and fall or other incident, we're here to help you.  

Dealing with your health issues after an injury can be hard enough. Hospitalization, surgery, recovery, and therapy can all take a toll on you and your family. Then you find out that nobody will stand accountable for your injuries until you force them to. Who is going to pay for your lost time from work and, if your injuries are ongoing, your lost wages? If you're supporting a family, who's going to help take care of them, too?

Our lawyers are well known for their specialized knowledge, skill and experience when it comes to personal injury and disability claims. We are known for fairly negotiating the best possible settlements for our clients. Wherever possible, we seek resolutions through mediation and private arbitration to avoid lengthy court battles and additional stress for our clients. But in those rare situations where a trial is required, we are your trial lawyers; ready, willing and (more than) able to advocate your case. We hold those in the wrong accountable for your injuries, securing the compensation you deserve to cover things like:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lost potential earnings
  • Medical bills (current and over your lifetime), physical therapy (help during rehab and recovery), occupational therapy (making your home and environment easier for you to live in), personal support workers (helping with your attendant care needs)Lost 
  • Lost quality time with your spouse, children, and family
  • Out of pocket expenses

Perhaps most importantly, our services are personal. Calling a southern Ontario firm or a 1-800 ad will get you a phone date with someone's assistant who follows a checklist to assess your claim and determine the next steps. You will have little to no contact from the lawyer assigned to your claim. They will have little to no understanding as to who you are, where you come from or how they can best serve you. We have serviced this community since 1953. We know this community. We are your Northwestern Ontario lawyers and we will fight on your behalf to get you everything that you deserve.

Complex Cases Including Traumatic Brain Injury

For more complex cases including traumatic brain injury and other injuries requiring long-term care, we have contacts throughout Canada and the United States who can help us understand the medical impact these serious injuries. We'll even help with Life Care Planning using structures, trusts, and annuities so that we can help you plan the use of that money over your lifetime. That will help protect you and your family, and allow you to make the most of your settlement.

International Personal Injury

Hurt in the United States or overseas? You don't have to go back to get compensation – we can take care of it from right here in Thunder Bay. Petrone routinely represents clients in personal injury cases internationally. We have experience partnering with legal teams in many different countries so that your interests are represented wherever in the world your injury occurred.

Call Petrone to make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your options and to find out how we can help you get the settlement you deserve.

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